Dr. Slater is a Consultant Dermatologist in Surrey who diagnoses and treats Adults and Children at leading Private Hospitals. He specialises in all skin conditions including Eczema, Psoriasis and Hair Disorders. He is a recognised expert in Skin Cancer diagnosis and management.


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A young lady suffering from Acne Vulgaris.


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Photo shows the elbows of a patient with Psoriasis, red scaly plaques.


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The wrist of a patient with a skin condition called lichen plants. Red scaly itchy papule and plaques.

Lichen Planus

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Photo of a lady suffering from hair loss.

Hair Loss

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Photo shows a Basal Cell Carcinoma, a common skin cancer on the face of a patient that Dr.Jonathan Slater treats.

Skin Cancer

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Photo shows a young woman with a red face, a condition called Rosacea.


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Photo shows the face of an elderly gentleman with sun damaged skin.

Sun Damage

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Recognised expert in skin cancer diagnosis

Having previously held the role of Clinical Lead for reconstructive skin cancer surgery at East Surrey Hospital, Dr Slater is a recognised expert in skin cancer diagnosis and facial reconstructive surgery. He has a particular interest in diagnosing skin cancer and has run a number of Educational Workshops on the use of Dermoscopy, for Skin Lesion Diagnosis.

This is Dr.Jonathan Slater, Consultant Dermatologist in Surrey.

Client Testimonials

"An understanding, professional and discreet clinic. Made to feel at ease as soon as you walk in the door and the axillary procedure was quick and easy with significant results showing within a week. It is a relief to finally find somewhere for this treatment and not feel embarrassed."
- Heather, Surrey.

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